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Every Seed Counts.

At Kimberley Ag Consulting, we strive to help our clients produce the most profitable crop by introducing precision farming practices. With the cost of farming today, every seed counts. We help our clients source affordable, high quality product from Precision Planting, 360 Yield Center, Yetter Equipment, Dawn Equipment, Gates Manufacturing, Copperhead Ag, Wako, MudSmith, and Totally Tubular. We have been cleaning and calibrating corn meters for over 30 years, and our proven methods ensure that your singulation and spacing hits a minimum of 99.5%, producing much higher yields.

Kevin Kimberley

Kevin Kimberley is known for his on-farm consulting with clients from Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota. His clients utilize various farming techniques, including: Strip-Till, No-Till and Full Tillage. Based upon Kevin’s annual visit and recommendations, his clients update their techniques each year.

Kevin discusses with his clients and other producers issues he has experienced over his 15+ years of consulting and draws attention to problems that have presented themselves over the last two growing seasons to help you avoid the same problems on your farm. Kevin has been referred to as the "Planter Doctor" because of his ability to take any planter and make it better. He utilizes his tried and true techniques to get more out of the equipment as well as trouble-shooting and customizing solutions for each new issue as they arise.


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