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360 Bullet™ image


Most rippers do a good job of leaving the surface smooth and level. But what about the soil underneath? With 360 BULLET, you can fracture the complete soil profile, eliminating subsurface berms left by other ripper points for better root penetration and access to nutrients.

Key Features

  • Fractures full soil profile

  • Better root penetration

  • Similar horsepower and fuel use

  • Similar wear

Improved Access To Soil Nutrients

Traditional ripper points can leave 8-inch to 10-inch berms of tight, collapsed soil below the surface. When roots hit these, they funnel to the bottom of the trench, which is closed by the smear left behind by the ripper point. 360 BULLET fractures the full soil profile, giving roots a smooth transition to the subsoil’s moisture reserves.

Designed To Do More

The unique design of 360 BULLET creates mini-earthquakes that fracture more of the soil profile. This improves root penetration and access to nutrients, laying the ground for a better harvest.
– Wide wings lift and fracture the complete soil profile
– Streamlined shape sends shockwaves across the full width of the ripper
– Soil-on-soil turbulence eliminates subsoil berms
– Carbidic Austempered Ductile Iron (CADI) adds the strength and wear resistance to withstand extreme conditions

Precision And Efficiency

Moving more soil doesn’t mean using more horsepower or fuel. In a series of half-acre trials, 360 BULLET fractured the entire soil profile without using significantly more horsepower or fuel — and only taking 1.5% longer to finish while still maintaining a pulling speed equal to traditional ripper points.

Time Trials

Northern Illinois    
Central Illinois    

Ready To Rip

360 BULLET ripper points are available for the following models:

– Case IH 870, 875, 530 and 730 ripper models
– John Deere 512, 2700, 2730 ripper models
– Landoll 2410 and 2430 ripper models
– Kuhn Krause Dominator ripper models
– Salford 9700CTS and 9800DRH ripper models
– DMI 530 and 730 ripper models

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360 Chainroll™ image

Create the right environment for soil microbes and nitrogen availability with a new approach to residue management. 360 CHAINROLL chops and crimps stalks, making residue more available to microbial breakdown for better soil health and nutrient availability.

Key Features

  • Precision cutting

  • Precision sizing

  • Precision residue management

Prepare For Next Season

When you properly manage crop residue, you set yourself up for success in the next season. 360 CHAINROLL helps you create ideal conditions for healthy emergence, healthy soil and healthy yields by:

  • Cutting stalks precisely for better row cleaning and a clear seedbed

  • Crimping and scoring stalks to expose the interior to microbes

  • Sizing stalks for faster decomposition and microbial breakdown

Engineered For Performance

Each pair of 360 CHAINROLL units are precision engineered to create specific lacerations in the stalk. The stalk rolls feature a combination of cutting flutes and chaining flutes that work together to penetrate the pith and pull out the cut. The result is a consistent chainlike pattern that leaves a significant area exposed for microbes to enter the stalk. The hardened surfaces also get sharper with more acres, providing wear life that is similar to standard stalk rolls.

  • 360 CHAINROLL units directly replace old stalk rolls

  • Retrofit is available for John Deere 40 Series, 90 Series and 600 Series corn head models

  • Additional model retrofit options available in 2016

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360 Equi-flow™ image

Uneven application from traditional anhydrous ammonia systems can rob your crop of yield from the start. 360 EQUI-FLOW with Liquimatic Technology takes a new approach to NH3 delivery for better row-to-row accuracy, improved sealing and a wider application window.

Key Features

  • Precise row-to-row accuracy

  • Wider window of application

  • Keeps NH3 liquid all the way to the injectors

  • Improved sealing at the injection point

Precision Nh3 Application Is Possible

Anhydrous ammonia is an economical and practical way to set a nitrogen foundation in the fall. But, conventional NH3 application systems limit your flexibility and your return on investment. 360 EQUI-FLOW ensures row-to-row accuracy so you can build an even, strong foundation for full-season nitrogen management.

  • Anhydrous ammonia is filtered at every step (down to the orifice), making plugging and contact danger virtually disappear

  • Only liquid NH3 passes through the flow meter, giving you more accurate measurements of how much you’re applying

  • Anhydrous ammonia never touches the knife or opener for improved sealing and reduced losses (warm knife option)

How 360 Equi-flow Works

Traditional anhydrous ammonia systems rely on tank pressure for distribution and injection. 360 EQUI–FLOW takes a different approach:

  • Step 1: Ammonia from the tank is delivered to the initial filter.

  • Step 2: In the Liquimatic tower, the ammonia is separated into gas and liquid. The vapor is condensed back down into liquid and it all moves to the pump.

  • Step 3: The hydraulically driven centrifugal pump pushes 100% liquid ammonia through the flow meter and control valve to the manifold.

  • Step 4: The equal distribution manifold equalizes flow to each outlet.

  • Step 5: Every row gets the same amount of ammonia in liquid state.

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360 Y-drop® Sidedress image

Where you place nitrogen is just as important as when you place it. Upgrade your coulter bar with 360 Y-DROP Sidedress and get precise nitrogen placement well into V6 for more flexibility and bigger yields.

Key Features

  • Later-season nitrogen application

  • Precision nitrogen placement

  • Simple retrofit to existing coulter bar

Upgrade Your Coulter

Coulter systems put a band of nitrogen 10 to 15 inches from the root mass of your corn plants. This slows uptake and increases the risk that you’ll lose nitrogen without significant rainfall. 360 Y-DROP Sidedress puts nitrogen directly at the base of the corn plant – right above the root mass. Then all it takes is a heavy dew or light shower to move the nitrogen into the soil for rapid uptake.

Designed For Better Application

360 Y-DROP® gives you the flexibility to push your nitrogen application well into V6 by taking advantage of the vertical clearance in most sidedress bars. You also have more control over where and how that nitrogen is applied.

  • Adjustable riser length pushes nitrogen application as late as V7

  • Four-position adjustable arms allow you to quickly move from 15-inch to 30-inch rows

  • Variable rate nozzles are available for customizing the rate, time and placement of nitrogen

  • New breakaway risers give more protection on uneven terrain

Simple Installation And Maintenance

Upgrading your coulter system to 360 Y-DROP is simple. And with no bearings or ground-engaging components, it’s also less expensive to maintain.

  • Simple retrofit for your current coulter bar

  • U-bolt mount system designed for most coulter bar sizes (4×6, 5×7, 6×4, 6×6, 7×5, 7×7)

  • Quick connect fittings for coulter supply hoses

  • Sidedress splitter to feed both sides of the base with one supply hose

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360 Soilscan™ image

Don’t guess how much nitrogen you have left in your soil – know. 360 SOILSCAN is a portable soil testing system that lets you accurately test nitrate nitrogen availability and soil pH right in your field, in about five minutes.

Key Features

  • Field-side soil nitrate and pH analysis

  • Fast and accurate results

Built For The Field

Understanding nitrogen availability in real time takes a system designed for the challenges of the field. With 360 SOILSCAN, you get a soil testing system that’s durable, portable and just as accurate as a commercial soil lab.

Durable: Rugged case protects it from the elements
Expandable: Four sensor slots to allow for future innovations
Portable: Easily transported and operated from the back of your truck or ATV
Functional: Uses your iPad® as the operating platform and upgrades without new hardware

Five Steps In Five Minutes

360 SOILSCAN gives you an accurate soil nitrate analysis, based on parts per million, in just five easy steps:

  • Step 1: Take a soil sample from your field.

  • Step 2: Place two scoops of soil into the standard Dixie cup provided and place in the mixing station.

  • Step 3: Mix the soil and distilled water into a slurry.

  • Step 4: Analyze the soil with 360 SOILSCAN.

  • Step 5: Use the Corn Nitrogen Need Calculator to determine an application recommendation based on the results.

Timely And Accurate Results

Real-time measurements mean nothing without accuracy. That’s why 360 Yield Center participates in the Agricultural Laboratory Proficiency (ALP) Program – a national proficiency testing program that monitors soil analysis for consistency, accuracy and reliability. So far, 98% of 360 SOILSCAN machines have passed the certification, giving them the same accuracy as traditional labs. (Register your machine here.)

A Nitrogen Plan In Minutes

Knowing how much nitrogen is left and how much nitrogen you need are two different things. With the Corn Nitrogen Need Calculator in 360 SOILSCAN, you can build customized nitrogen application plans instantly after measuring your soil, simply by inputting your:

Yield goal

  • Crop growth stage

  • Soil organic matter

Easy To Track Field Intelligence

We’ve taken in-season field monitoring and soil sampling to the next level with 360 YIELD PATROL® the new 360 SOILSCAN companion app for iPad and iPhone®.

  • Record and track soil samples using QR codes

  • Store soil test data digitally

  • Link information between 360 YIELD PATROL and 360 SOILSCAN

  • Track what’s happening in the field with in-field visual scouting

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360 Yield Saver™ image

Reduce Header Loss.

360 Yield Saver Reduces Header Loss By 80% By Closing The Gaps In Traditional Deck Plates And Gathering Chains.

Traditional corn heads have gaps in the deck plates and gathering chains that result in corn kernels falling right through. 360 YIELD SAVER eliminates those
gaps by adding intermeshing bristles to traditional gathering chains to capture significantly more kernels.
Side by side tests show 360 YIELD SAVER reduces header loss by over 80%. 360
YIELD SAVER can pay for itself within the first season and generate more than a 75% ROI after three years.

Key Features

  • Mounts easily on corn heads

  • Provides a similar wear life to other gathering chains

  • Chain includes crop lugs (not shown) to improve stalk feeding

  • 360 YIELD SAVER blocks easily attach to chain

  • Simply replace blocks when they wear out

  • Chain wear life similar to conventional chains

  • Block life expected to be one to one and a half seasons

Don’t Let Yield Fall Through The Cracks

Field test show that 360 YIELD SAVER typically captures and additional 1.8 bushels per acre. The savings add up quickly. Consider the return on investment for a typical corn operation. With an eight row head covering 750 acres per year, a grower could expect gross yield savings of over $16,000 and a net profit of over $7,000. That’s a 76% return on investment.

In addition to the yield capture, header management improves. You no longer have to manage the header speed to minimize header loss. You can optimize head and feeder house speed to ground speed and crop flow. Plus, because 360 YIELD SAVER can capture nubbins and undersized ears, you have more flexibility in deck plate spacing.

360 Yieldsaver Is Available For:

John Deere 600 AND 40/90 Corn Heads
CaseIH 1000 through 5000 Corn Heads
Drago GT and Series 2 Corn Heads
Gehringhoff Northstar, Rota Disc, MS Cornstar, PC Corn Heads
Capella Quasar Corn Head

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360 Y-drop® image

Corn uses 75% of its nitrogen after V10. Make sure it has enough nitrogen to finish the season strong with 360 Y-DROP. 360 Y-DROP allows you to apply nitrogen exactly where it’s needed — as late as VT, giving you the widest sidedress window ever, for more flexibility and bigger yields.


  • Late-season nitrogen application

  • Precision nitrogen placement

  • Variable rate nitrogen application

  • Nitrogen Where You Need It

A corn plant acquires more than 60% of its nitrogen from a horizontal radius of about 7 inches from the stalk base. Traditional sidedress methods apply nitrogen in the middle of the crop row — nearly 15 inches away. With 360 Y-DROP, you can apply nitrogen within 2 to 3 inches of the stalk base — that means nearly 80% of the root mass is in the application zone. The funneling effect of corn leaves then pushes the nitrogen to the root mass for rapid uptake, even with modest precipitation or dew.

More Flexibility, More Control

Never before has the sidedress window been so wide. Y-DROP gives you the flexibility to extend the midseason application window from V6 to VT — more than 30 days — for more control over when and how your nitrogen is applied.

  • New narrow-row design with four-position adjustable arms allows precision placement in 15-inch to 36-inch rows

  • Variable rate nozzles are available for customizing the rate, time and placement of nitrogen

  • New breakaway mounting brackets allow for easier navigation across hills and uneven terrain

  • Newly designed shield keeps leaves from wrapping around the riser or hoses


360 Y-DROP is available in 20-inch to 30-inch row spacing. You can install and remove it easily on most sprayers, including:

  • Self-propelled sprayers

  • Pull-behind sprayers

  • High-clearance sprayers

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