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At Kimberley Ag Consulting, we strive to help our clients produce the most profitable crop by introducing precision farming practices. With the cost of farming today, every seed counts. We help our clients source affordable, high quality product from Precision Planting,





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Kimberley AG Consulting

7753 NE 134th Avenue

Maxwell, IA 50161

Cell: 515-238-8132 Office: 515-967-2583 Fax: 515-967-8821

Email: brock@kimberleyagconsulting.com

Kimberley AG Consulting

7753 Northeast,

134th Avenue,

Maxwell, IA 50161

Phone. Cell 515-238-8132 Office 515-967-2583

Fax. 515-967-8821

Email. brock@kimberleyagconsulting.com